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Can Aurora Aerial’s state-of-the-art drone system boost your operational efficiency to save time and money?

Lease from Aurora Aerial and discover new ways to lead in your industry

Eradicate operational challenges of the past and keep your revenue where it belongs. Inefficient workflows can lose your company time and money. 

The solution? Automate your workflow processes with a lease on the best drone system in the industry. Aurora Aerial drone systems can boost your efficiency to help you do more with less, make fewer mistakes, cut your operational expenses, and give you the time to make better decisions. 

Applications Include:

  • Conservation – historical site management, surveying, and plant and wildlife monitoring
  • Humanitarian and disaster management, search-and-rescue operations, emergency response, etc.
  • Express shipping and delivery
  • Geographic mapping and precise measurement
  • Infrastructure development and urban planning
  • Healthcare – time-sensitive payload, drug delivery, etc.

  • Military, law enforcement and security
  • Agriculture – data gathering, automate processes like spraying crop, seed dispersal, or picking produce, etc.
  • Weather forecasting and climate - sensors
  • Engineering, construction, and inspection
  • Mining
  • Communications – phone and internet connectivity
  • Manufacturing and inventory management

Let Aurora Aerial show you how the system works with free training. Feel at ease as you interact with our intuitive software, knowing that our system is simple to use and easy to maintain. Once you and your team feel confident in your piloting skills, we will seamlessly integrate the drone system into your operations.

Why Aurora Aerial Stands Out




Our team offers superior unparalleled service working with you throughout your lease.

We are the safest, fastest, and carry the heaviest payloads the farthest.

Keep your environmental footprint low and avoid carbon pricing strategies.

We are at the Forefront of the Industry

With a maximum payload weight of 14kg, maximum endurance of nearly 70 minutes, and customizability to suit your exact needs, Aurora's AAT-1200 is a step above the rest.

Meet the AAT-1200 Thunderbolt

This drone can travel up to 74km/h, has 68 minutes of endurance, and can carry a 9.5kg payload while keeping its overall weight below the 25kg threshold. 

We’ll work with you to customize the add-on options you need to optimize your business operations.

Aurora Aerial's Leasing Program

How the Leasing Program Works

Once approved for the lease, we will make sure you master our state-of-the-art system. After completing the free training and testing, the lease begins.

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